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At Sharon Lord Cakes, I only use fresh, high quality ingredients. You will never receive a basic or packet mix cake from Sharon Lord. Below is a list of my most popular flavours, but if you don’t see what you want, please let me know and we can discuss your order.

Traditional Fruit Cake

My traditional fruit cake is made with vine fruits, steeped in brandy. Best made 3 months in advance.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Comes with a choice of rich, chocolate buttercream or alternate layers of cherry jam & buttercream.

Sponge Cake

My deliciously moist, sponge cake is the perfect crowd pleaser. It is delicately light and sweet.

Large Cake Flavours

I have a range of flavours, including; carrot cake; chocolate orange; moist sponge with raspberry conserve & buttercream; coffee, with or without walnuts; lemon; coconut; coconut & lime; almond & black cherry conserve; strawberry & champagne and ginger cake.

Cupcake Flavours

These include traditional moist sponge; chocolate; lemon; ginger; Baileys; coconut & lime; raspberry & white chocolate; lemon meringue; cherry & Amaretto; red velvet